6 tips for getting your post shared

Not only on Instagram but on any platform, getting your content shared can significantly amplify its reach and impact. While there are standard practices like producing quality content and using engaging visuals, some innovative strategies can further enhance your post's shareability. Here are four unconventional tips to get your post widely shared:

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1. Induce Emotional Triggers

Most shared content elicits strong emotional reactions, beit joy, surprise, or even outrage. To make your post more shareable, tap into emotional triggers that resonate with your audience. However, be authentic and genuine. Instead of manipulating emotions, aim to create content that genuinely moves people. For instance, you could share an inspiring story, an astonishing fact, or a humorous take on a situation. When people are emotionally moved, they are more likely to share the content with their network.


2. Incorporate Interactive Elements

Interactive content has a higher likelihood of being shared because it offers a more engaging experience. Quizzes, polls, interactive infographics, and even simple games related to your content can encourage sharing. For example, a quiz that determines your personality type based on your preferences can be fun for users to complete and share their results with friends. Similarly, interactive infographics that change as the user selects different options can be fascinating and share-worthy.

3. Utilize the 'Zeigarnik Effect'

The Zeigarnik effect suggests that people remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks. You can leverage this by creating content that is serialized or leaves the audience hanging on for more. For instance, if you're writing a blog series, end each post with a cliffhanger or a teaser of what's to come. This not only keeps your audience engaged but also increases the likelihood that they'll share the post to discuss it with others or remind themselves to catch the next installment.

4. Foster a Community Around Your Content

When your content is part of a community or movement, it has a higher chance of being shared. People like to feel they are part of something larger than themselves. Create content that fosters a sense of community or belonging, and encourage your readers to share it to spread the word. This could be content that supports a cause, represents a particular belief or lifestyle, or simply brings people together with common interests. Engaging with your audience in the comments, creating content based on their feedback, and acknowledging their contributions can also strengthen this community feeling and encourage sharing.

5. Incentivize Sharing Through Rewards

People are more likely to share your content if there is something in it for them. Consider creating a reward system that incentivizes sharing. For example, you can offer exclusive content, discounts, or entry into a contest for those who share your post. This strategy not only boosts the number of shares but also creates a sense of excitement and anticipation around your content. Make sure the rewards are desirable and relevant to your audience to maximize engagement and sharing.


6. Share yourself

While celebrity endorsements can be effective, they often lack the personal connection that micro-influencers have with their followers. Micro-influencers are individuals who have a small number of highly engaged followers. Collaborating with them can make your content feel more personal and trustworthy. When a micro-influencer shares your post, their followers are more likely to perceive the content as credible, authentic and engaging and share it further. To utilize this strategy, identify micro-influencers whose audience aligns withyour target demographic and work with them. Also, powerlikes can help you significantly increase the reach of your post if done right and with a credible partner.



By implementing these strategies, you can enhance the shareability of your content beyond conventional methods. Incentivizing shares and, leveraging micro-influencers and using power likes are powerful tactics that can lead to a significant increase in your content's visibility and engagement.

Getting your content shared isn't just about what you're presenting but how you're engaging with your audience. Be authentic, tap into emotions, make your content interactive, use psychological triggers wisely, and build a community around your content. By employing these innovative strategies, you'll not only increase your content's shareability but also create a deeper connection with your audience.

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